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Buy Grape Kush  cannabis strain is a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid created by DJ Short. She grows beautiful dark green buds with purple hints. Grape Kush buds are round and dense with a musky-sweet smell. The weed is recommended in small doses because of her potency. Grape Kush marijuana strain is good for evening and night time medical and recreational use due to strong sedative properties.DJ Short’s Grape Kush is a productive marijuana hybrid strain that has sharp and fruity aromas. The effects are long-lasting and powerful, inducing euphoric head effects and a relaxed body.Sour Grape Kush Feminized is a genetic cross of Grapefruit and Sour Kush, providing phenomenal strength and flavor.Potency tops 20%, with glistening THC crystals that completely cover the buds, creating a highly resinous plant.The high starts with a typical sativa cerebral high and buzz which slowly turns into a classic indica body stone, as the kush genetics start to dominate. The more of this strain you have the stronger the stone can be felt, making an ideal variety for those with any painful aliments or conditions. Sour Grape Kush is one of the most versatile kush strains on the market and for this reason remains very popular.The grapefruit genes really put a remarkable and unique spin on this kush based strain. The smoke is one of the many highlights producing a lovely, sweet grape taste with a pleasant sour aftertaste. The more you smoke Sour Grape Kush the stronger these delicious flavors become.Our feminized version grows to a height of 100cm-150cm, but some sativa phenos can make the height as tall as 2 meters indoors. For this reason, some skill for plant training will be needed to grow Sour Grape Kush efficiently indoors.The flowering time is between the average 8-10 weeks, where this plant produces multiple bud sites that more than double in size when switched to a 12:12 cycle. In optimum conditions this strain provides trays and trays of sticky buds, with yields between the region of 400g-500g/m2. Outdoor growers can let these girls turn into trees and collect beautiful harvests of over 500-600g/m2, where this strain will really flourish.Sour Grape Kush is a solid connoisseur strain and without a doubt one of the best kush strains out there.

Grape Kush cannabis strain is a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid created by DJ Short. She grows beautiful dark green buds with purple hints. Grape Kush buds are round and dense with a musky-sweet smell. The weed is recommended in small doses because of her potency. Grape Kush marijuana strain is good for evening and night time medical and recreational use due to strong sedative properties.

Type of High

Grape Krush marijuana strain induces moderate cerebral euphoria. Uplifts mood, energizes the mind, boosts social interactions, prompts laughter. Followed by body relaxation and sleepiness. Relieves stress and nausea, has good analgesic properties.

Effects On Grape Kush

In boxing, a popular boxer who has gained international acclaim is the little fighter from the Philippines – Manny Pacquiao. From much lighter weight divisions in his younger days, he has moved up to heavier divisions. According to his opponents in the latter years, his punches do not hurt them, but they come in a flurry and stings.

In a similar way, Grape Kush is not the heavy hitter that could literally knock out users with its out-of-this-world potency. Far from it, this hybrid delivers a cerebral high that starts with a gentle rush that makes one feel good. As it continues to uplift one’s mood, a sense of happiness now starts to flood the mind. As the gentle buzz continues, one is bound to feel euphoric, and it is not surprising to see people using this hybrid end up being highly sociable with lots of laughter. Like the Filipino fighter’s punches, the effects of this hybrid is relentless and while it is not going to knock one out, it is highly potent.


One of the traits that the breeder wanted was the smell of grape, and that is what they did. Grape Kush, from the name itself, tells us that it has a prominent sweet fruity grape scent infused into its earthy odor. For sure, this is one of the better smelling strains out there.


Having successfully infused the smell of grapes, the original breeder also made sure that the version they released has to taste even better. As is to be expected, a strong flavor of grape is present in its taste. One of the striking things noticed by users is the smoothness during inhalation and exhalation of the smoke. Add to that the great flavor and what you have now is a delightful treat.

Adverse Reaction

It is not easy to handle Grape Kush. In fact, because of its potency, and especially a few adverse reactions, new users should stay away from this strain. As cannabis users know, it is common to experience dry eyes and mouth with the use of marijuana. Using Grape Kush is no exemption. These are more nuisances and the best one can do is to keep hydrated.


Because no two people are exactly alike, there is a small percentage of people who could not use Grape Kush. But for most who can, then they will benefit from its medicinal values. As everyone now knows, one of the strongest justification for legalizing marijuana, one that several states already have, is that cannabis can help people with certain conditions.For instance, Grape Kush can help alleviate the symptoms of pain, reduce stress and aid in managing depression. Add to these benefits its effects of inducing hunger, or one could look at it as stimulating appetite. Finally, smokers of this hybrid are likely to find themselves sleeping before its effects are completely gone. No doubt, this is of benefit to people who need help to fall asleep.

Flowering Time

Indoor growers can start rejoicing in as little as 8 weeks because that is when they can get their hands of a yield per square meter of around 14 ounces.

The estimate on when Grape Kush is ready for picking would fall in the last days of September and within the first two weeks of October. By then, it should give growers some 14 ounces or more per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Grape Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


Grape Kush can be grown outdoor and indoor, that’s the good news. Unfortunately, in as far as growing this plant is concerned, we could not find much information.


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