Buy Strawberry Diesel Cannabis Strain Online

Buy Strawberry Diesel Cannabis Strain Online

Life can be a chore at times; we appreciate that not everybody has the luxury of getting high whenever they would like to! That being said, we love to provide information on the strains you should be reaching for on those occasions where a joint is well and truly deserved!

Strawberry Diesel, AKA Strawberry D, is a deliciously potent 50/50 hybrid strain that has taken the cannabis industry by storm, and we think you deserve to know all about it!

This almost perfectly balanced hybrid bud offers a deliciously sweet yet potent high that makes a tremendous medicinal strain and will undoubtedly have you coming back time and time again.

Whether you want to maybe manage those aches and pains or feel like this could be the answer to your long week at the office, sit back and relax while we tell you all you need to know about the Strawberry Diesel marijuana strain!

Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Strain: A Brief Background

Strawberry Diesel has actually been around for over ten years now, making it a pretty well-established contender in the cannabis industry. This sativa/indica hybrid has a moderate to high level of THC, reaching between 20-24%, and less than 1% CBD – perfect for unwinding, but perhaps not ideal as the sole management for any condition given its low CBD content.

The origins of Strawberry D are pretty legendary, and the strain has developed and changed numerous times over the years, taking on new parent strains, new effects and a host of new names! However, the OG version is what we are looking at today because, while the “copycats” are great, you can’t beat the strong, tangy, strawberry notes of the original nugs.

We feel it is worth noting from the off that newbies need to take care with this strain; it may sound like a sweet and delicious treat, but behind the fruity notes, there is an extremely potent and heady effect waiting!

History of Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Strain

As we briefly touched upon earlier, Strawberry Diesel has been around for 11 years now, with its debut in 2007 when the much-respected Reservoir Seeds first dropped it into our lives.

Back in 2007, Reservoir Seeds had just released 100 special edition packs of this now legendary strain, and by 2009 the very last packets had been sold.

While the beginnings of this bud were slow to gain traction, things certainly kicked off in 2009 when some well-established gardeners got their hands on some seeds and documented their success closely with growing the plant.

This publicity across the industry brought a new focus to Strawberry Diesel, and weed lovers haven’t looked back since!

Unfortunately, as is the case with many cannabis strains these days, Strawberry D has been loved so much that it is now a shadow of its former self; with every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanting a go at recreating the delicious flower, it has lost many of its original qualities.

Of course, there are still some seeds and clones with “pure” Strawberry Diesel genetics out there – they’re just getting harder and harder to find.

While change isn’t necessarily a bad thing (since Strawberry Diesel still to this day is one of our favorite smokes out there) the original from 2007 was a real force to be reckoned with. Only true cannabis aficionados will know that Reservoir Seeds used multiple Sour Diesel male plants in their pollination of Strawberry Cough to bring about the super rare and powerful high that was the signature feature of Strawberry Diesel.

Effects of Strawberry Diesel

Since every cannabis strain is met with its own unique effects, here are the positive effects of Strawberry Diesel, along with its potential side effects.

Positive Effects

What we love most about the Strawberry D strain is the potency, which brings about a super positive head high that lends itself to a stress-free experience. As we mentioned earlier though, this is not a strain for the faint-hearted; the effects come on thick and fast so if you prefer a mellow, slow-burning strain, this may not be for you.

That being said, many people love Strawberry D for its fast-acting high that starts in the head and mellows out as it creeps over the body.

Expect a super-charged head buzz accompanied by a much more relaxing body high that usually balances everything out to leave you in a state of blissful happiness for hours. Yes, hours – that’s another great thing about this strain: it lasts for ages!

Many creative types find themselves reaching for Strawberry D as it is known for encouraging focus and drive, so it works well with those in need for a boost of motivation and to get things done with a clear head on their shoulders.

Potential Strawberry Diesel Side Effects

As with most strains, Strawberry Diesel runs the risk of causing dry mouth and dry eyes, but this can be relatively easily combated by having regular sips of water and, where possible, smoking in a well-ventilated room.

Other side effects of Strawberry D that could occur are couch-lock or increased anxiety; however, these side effects are almost entirely related to smoking too much of the strain. If you already suffer from anxiety, it may be best to take it easy with this cannabis type.

Likewise, if you are aiming for the creative flourish and sharp focus, don’t go smoking it all at once!

Medicinal Benefits of Strawberry Diesel

Most people who use Strawberry Diesel love it as a potent stress reliever, though the physical body high is reported to be excellent at relieving mild aches and chronic pain, and the head high can do wonders for stress levels.

We weren’t joking when we said this was the perfect well-deserved treat after a hard week in the office!

Strawberry D has also been known to work well for insomnia, and in the correct dose, this strain can be great for encouraging productivity during the day and helping sleep better at night.

It is also a great way to boost appetite, making it a firm favorite with many suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia.

The potent nature of this strain makes it an effective muscle relaxant, which is great for a multitude of conditions, not least the stress that is often associated with more severe health issues.

Other conditions Strawberry Diesel has been utilized for in the past is nauseaheadaches, and depression. It is important to note here that we are not medical professionals, and cannot advise anybody to stop or change a medication prescribed by a clinician. Please consult with your doctor before changing or stopping any therapy.

Taste of Strawberry Diesel: Be Warned!

Strawberry Diesel, to those who aren’t already aware, can be quite the shock to the system upon first taste! This hybrid is incredibly potent, and the taste hits you immediately with intense notes of diesel that is gently soothed after several seconds by sweet strawberry flavors.

You can probably gather what this flower is going to smell and taste like by the name, and it pretty much says it on the dispensary bottle!

Don’t be put off by the pungent smell of skunk and diesel, though, as the strawberry sweetness will come through, and that is the taste that lingers for a long time afterward – and what will ultimately keep you coming back for more!

Final Thoughts on Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Strain

Strawberry Diesel has been going for so long for a reason; it is delicious, potent, and has a fabulously long-lasting high with minimal adverse side effects — what’s not to love?

We love that Strawberry D has such a versatile high that can potentially help with a wide range of conditions and the fact that it can usually soothe symptoms super quickly. With a taste that you won’t forget in a hurry – and a 100 mph high – we can’t get enough of this old-timer strain!

We hope you have found this article helpful, and if you haven’t already – head on down to your local dispensary and see if they’ve got any Strawberry Diesel… and tell them MarijuanaBreak sent you!

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