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Cannabis Hash And Concentrates

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Hash Oil vs Cannabis Oil

What is hash oil?

It’s the extracted oil from cannabis. You may know it as wax, BHO, dabs or any number of other nicknames.

The oil can have a higher concentration of THC — the main psychoactive chemical in pot — than regular buds. That’s why hash oil has the reputation for being more potent.

How is it extracted (legally)?

The goal is to separate the oil from the plant matter. To do that, you use some type of solvent.

Carbon dioxide and ethanol are some of the safest options, according to AC Braddock, the CEO of the Seattle-based Eden Labs, a company that produces extraction machinery.

Cannabis concentrates come in a range of product types, forms, and consistencies. These products may vary in purity or chemical composition (i.e., THC, CBDterpenes), which generally comes down to how the concentrate is extracted and refined as well as the source material from which the final extract is derived.

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